Tax Planning Services

Need reliable tax planning services for as an individual or business? The tax specialists at The Total Wealth Group can give you everything you need for effective tax planning, advising you on the best steps to take with your strategy.

Regardless of the type of taxes you need planning for, you’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for a “tax specialist near me.”

Tax Planning Strategies for Individuals and Businesses

Whether you’re an individual or a small or large business in need of tax planning, we’ll work with you to determine your exact needs and help you strategize around them. We specialize in individual and small business tax planning for all types of taxes, including:

Income Tax

If you need income tax preparation and want to maximize deductions while avoiding any errors along the way, our professionals can meet these needs with the right tax planning strategies.

Trust and Estate Tax

It’s crucial to remain compliant when dealing with fiduciary trust taxes, which is where The Total Wealth Group can help.

Local, State, and Federal Tax

Need help with local, state, and federal taxes? The Total Wealth Group also has expertise in this area, making it easier to remain compliant with regulations while helping simplify the filing process based on the latest taxation trends.

IRS Tax Audit Representation

Our CPAs can represent you during an IRS tax audit to help you navigate the process while maintaining compliance.

Expat Tax

Need some assistance with international taxes as an individual or business? We can also help put together tax planning strategies on a global scale to meet your needs.

What Sets The Total Wealth Group Apart from Other Bookkeeper Services?

When looking for “tax planning near me,” look no further than The Total Wealth Group for all the help you need with nearly any type of tax. We’ll develop the most appropriate solution based on your requirements, easing your tax burden while helping keep the process efficient and error-free.


Since our establishment, we’ve worked to provide personalized tax planning and much more to our clients, including those in the U.S. and across the globe. When you turn to us, you’ll get exactly what you need from experts who will listen to your story, collaborate with you on a tax planning strategy, and execute it to ensure success in the long term. 


Regardless of your needs, we’re ready to meet them with a fully tailored solution. By outsourcing your tax planning to our experts, you can experience peace of mind and work with a team that truly cares about your long-term success.

Reach Out to The Total Wealth Group

Need tax planning for your personal or business taxes? We’re ready to help you with a solution that meets your unique needs. In addition to tax planning with our tax specialists, you can benefit from a variety of other services, including audit and attestation, family office and support, and outsourcing services.


We’ll connect you with one of our experts to learn your exact needs and work to meet them with a custom solution based on your individual or business requirements. Simply reach out to us and schedule an appointment to get started on your unique solution with us today.



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